Sao Martinho Do Porto Tours & Activities

Tyes of tours in Sao Martinho do Porto

If you’re looking for a great tour in Sao Martinho do Porto, there are a number of options available. Depending on your interests, a Showaround tour can take you through a variety of narrow alleys, cafes, stores, and other attractions. Unlike a standard tour, the Showaround can help you make on-the-spot decisions. And, unlike other tours, Showaround locals will only take you to the must-see spots in Sao Martinho do Porto.


If you are looking for a beach that is ideal for swimming, Sao Martinho do Porto is a great choice. It is one of the safest oceanic beaches in Portugal, and its shallow waters are perfect for children. The area also has many restaurants and cafes, and it is close to some of the city’s top attractions.

Sao Martinho do Porto is only a short drive from Lisbon’s airport. There are dozens of buses departing throughout the day. If you plan to drive, there are several free parking lots along the main road. Early in the summer, however, there are usually fewer parking spaces available, so it is advised to arrive early.


Sao Martinho do Porto is a small, quaint village with a gorgeous bay. It’s a popular destination for beach lovers and families with young children. The calm, sandy waters make it an ideal spot for a day at the beach. Local fishermen still work the bay’s shores and sell their catch to the restaurants. Many tourists flock to the beach and town each year to soak up the sun and explore the nightlife.

Visitors may be interested in exploring the area’s many attractions, including its beautiful properties and rocky hills. There are several beaches, great cafes, and a green area for picnicking. The town’s tourist information center offers information on nearby attractions and events. Sao Martinho do Porto also has plenty of restaurants and cafes where visitors can indulge in delicious seafood.

Distance from center of Nazare

Sao Martinho do Porto is a beautiful, fishing town that’s only 13 kilometers from the town of Nazare. It’s also home to the O Sitio promontory, a huge cliff that overlooks the sea. Depending on where you look, you might think that O Sitio is over 3,000 feet above sea level, but the truth is that it’s only 110 meters high!

The beachfront is the main attraction here, and the area is famous for its giant waves. Hugo Vau is believed to have surfed a 35-meter-high wave in January 2018. You can also visit the Farol lighthouse, which offers a stunning view of the rocky coastline. There’s also a museum here dedicated to extreme surfing. During winter, the beach is packed with people from around the world.

Clearest month of the year

The clearest month for tours in Sao Martinho do porto is September. The temperatures are generally pleasant from mid-June to early September. During this time, you’ll get to experience the best of both worlds: a pleasant temperature and almost no rain. The highs of these months are around 79degF, while the lows are around 57degF. The average water temperature is between 62degF and 72degF.

The clearest month of the year is September, when the sky is clear 75% of the time. By contrast, the cloudiest month is December, when the sky is partly or fully cloudy.


If you’re looking for the perfect place to go paragliding, the Portuguese coast is the ideal place to visit. This beautiful city is located close to major cities, historic monuments, and beaches. The city’s tourist information center is a good place to find information about nearby attractions and events. In addition to its breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean, the weather in Sao Martinho is generally mild year-round.

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, Sao Martinho do Porto offers a number of affordable accommodation options. Sao Martinho do Porto is a former fishing village located on the Atlantic coast, just fifteen kilometers from the town of Nazare and about 100 kilometers north of Lisbon. The town is nestled on a bay with a beautiful sandy beach. The town was once an island, but nature has gradually reclaimed the land.

Train station

Travelers who want to take a tour of Sao Martinho do Porto can make use of the train station as a starting point for their journey. You can get the latest schedules and directions right on your mobile phone. Moovit is a free transit app that makes traveling easy and convenient.

You can reach Sao Martinho do Porto by train or bus. There are several bus companies that serve the area. The Nazare bus station has several departures throughout the day. If you’d like to take a train, you can take the regional line that stops in Lisbon. The other option is to take a bus to Sao Martinho do Porto from Leiria.