Lisbon Tours & Activities

Tyes of tours in Lisbon

Whether you’re visiting Lisbon on a business trip or a family vacation, there are many ways to get to know the city. You can find tours that cater to your interests on sites such as Klook or ViaHero. Some of these tours are interactive, while others are strictly for sightseeing.

Klook offers a full-day tour

Klook offers an exciting full-day tour through the city. Guests can sample wine, tapas, and Portuguese pastries on their tours, and enjoy a tram ride through the city. The full-day tour is designed to accommodate up to eight people and includes transfers from district to district. Along the way, the group will visit key tourist attractions, including Sao Pedro de Alcantara Viewpoint, the Eduardo VII Park, and the nations Park.

If you are looking to experience Lisbon’s cultural scene, guided walking tours are one of the most popular ways to explore the city. Klook offers guided tours that last about three hours, and they even include skip-the-line access to Saint George Castle. You’ll learn about the city’s rich history and culture, and the guided tours offer informative information about the city’s many monuments. You can also visit Lisbon’s Jewish quarter, which is home to Portugal’s largest Jewish population. The most popular and oldest Jewish quarter is in the Alfama district, while the Baixa neighborhood has the largest population of Jews. A tour of this area includes the Judiaria da Pedreira, which is located near the Largo do Carmo Square.

ViaHero offers a half-day tour

If you want to see more of Lisbon and get a feel for the city, a half-day tour is an ideal way to do so. It includes tips, recommendations, and local insights. It also covers the highlights and hidden gems of the city. This tour also offers the opportunity to sample local delicacies.

The tour starts with a pickup from your Lisbon hotel by a private driver. From there, you will travel to Sintra, an historic town with many notable monuments, including the Royal Palace and the historic Noorish Castle. You’ll also have the chance to visit Cascais and Estoril, which are the westernmost points in Europe.

Klook offers a walking tour

A guided walking tour of Lisbon is one of the best ways to explore the city. You can choose from a variety of tours, ranging from a leisurely three-hour stroll to a more spirited three-hour tour with skip-the-line access to Saint George Castle. You can also enjoy a drink or ginjinha at the end of the tour, which is perfect for travelers who don’t want to spend too much time walking around.

If you’re on a budget, there are a variety of free walking tours of Lisbon available on Klook. These tours include the Bairro Alto, Baixa, Alfama, and Belem neighbourhoods. Some of the free tours also include information on the city’s patron saint, as well as street art.

Klook offers a boat tour

When planning a trip to Lisbon, you might want to consider booking a boat tour. This way, you can take unlimited rides and enjoy discounts on various attractions. Unlike other methods of transportation, this type of tour is relatively new in Lisbon. It offers the same benefits as a taxi ride, but with added benefits.

If you’d like to experience Lisbon by water, you can book a tour through Klook. The tour includes a guide and driver. The tour lasts about three hours, and the multilingual guide will tell you about each spot as you go. The tour also includes stops at some of the city’s many green spaces.

ViaHero offers a walking tour

The city of Lisbon is an excellent destination for walking tours. The city’s main districts are packed with major sites as well as quiet nooks and crannies that make for great sightseeing. The city’s public transportation is excellent, but you’ll need to spend some time on foot. To minimize this, choose a hotel in an area that is not too hilly.

The ViaHero service connects travelers with locals, or “Heros,” to create a personalized itinerary. Instead of having to hire a guide, you will communicate digitally with your “Hero” in advance. The Heroes will send you an itinerary and provide other assistance necessary to complete your tour.

ViaHero offers a food tour

A food tour in Lisbon is a great way to experience the city’s many culinary treasures. The tour will visit many of Lisbon’s neighborhoods, stopping at the best foodie destinations along the way. You’ll try traditional Portuguese fare, like chorizo bread and petiscos, and sample the renowned city’s seafood. You can also enjoy traditional music and dance during the tour, such as fado.

Lisbon’s public transportation system is excellent, but you’ll likely need to walk a fair amount during your trip. If you have limited mobility, consider booking a hotel in a less hilly area.

ViaHero offers a dolphin-watching tour

Dolphin-watching tours in Lisbon are a unique experience for tourists who want to experience nature up close and personal. The tours take place in the Tagus Estuary where you’ll be able to spot the creatures as they glide through the ocean. On the tours, you’ll also get to see Lisbon’s historical sites and spend a couple of hours on the water. The tours are beautiful, and if you’re an animal lover, you’ll love this experience!

The company connects travelers with local experts to create custom itineraries. The dolphin-watching trip will last about 3 hours. During the trip, you’ll get the chance to see the sea creatures up close and learn about them from a scientific perspective. In addition, you’ll get to hear about the history of the animals and their habitats.