Belem Tours & Activities

Tyes of tours in Belem

When you’re on a Belem tour, there are several different things to look for. There are the monuments and the Monastery. There are also information sessions and waterfront views. There are also places to enjoy the local cuisine and live music. The best way to see the sights of Belem is to book a tour with a local guide.

Torre de Belem

The Belém Tower, also known as the Tower of Saint Vincent, is an ancient monument in Lisbon, Portugal. It once served as a point of embarkation for Portuguese explorers and a ceremonial gateway to the city. Today, it serves as a museum and is a popular tourist destination.

Inside, the tower’s square tower is crowned with ornate filigree decoration. Among other things, the walls are decorated with tiles by the great Portuguese tile painter Antonio Tomas da Fonseca. From the terrace, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Lisbon, Cascais, and Estoril. The tower is also home to a monument to the first Portuguese airplane crossing the Tagus River.

Padrao dos Descobrimentos

Padrao dos Descobriments is a monumental monument situated on the northern bank of the Tagus river. This monument celebrates the Portuguese Age of Discovery and features sculptures of Henry the Navigator and thirty-two other explorers. Visitors can tour the exhibit rooms, watch a documentary, and take in the view from the viewing platform.

The monument was created in 1940 as a temporary structure for the World Exhibition. It was a homage to the Portuguese explorers of the 15th and 16th centuries. It was later rebuilt in the 1960s as a replica. Today, it provides breathtaking views of the city of Belem.


If you are looking for a tour of a Portuguese monastery, then Monastery tours in Belem are a great option. These tours will allow you to explore the interior of the monastery, where you can find the tombs of Vasco da Gama and King Manuel I. You can also visit the refectory and see the famous Lion Fountain.

Monastery tours in Belem are inexpensive, especially for a family with children. They usually cost about EUR38 or US$45 per person, which covers the tour of both the tower and the monastery. There are also private tours, which are ideal for groups or individuals.


Belem is home to several monuments. The Torre de Belem, a colossal statue of Portuguese culture, was built during the sixteenth century. At that time, Portugal had colonies in the Americas, Africa, and the Far East. The monument pays tribute to the most important explorers of the time, including Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan. The monument is located right next to the Belem Tower, where many explorers’ ships departed for new horizons.

The monuments in Belem commemorate every milestone in history. These include the Portuguese’s 1415 voyage to North Africa, the arrival of the first European explorers in Brazil, the capture of the Cape of Good Hope in Africa, and the discovery of China in 1513. Another important monument in Belem is the one honoring the pioneer Pedro Alvares Cabral. In addition, Belem is home to the Berardo Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

Free walking tours

You can take a free walking tour of Belem with Take Lisboa Tours, which explains the town’s role during the Age of Discovery. You will also see Gothic architecture and the many colorfully-tiled houses that dot the district. You’ll also see the National Palace of Belem and the Bom Sucesso Fort, which was built during the Portuguese conquest of the New World.

While you’re in the neighborhood, don’t miss out on the pastel de nata, which is one of Portugal’s most famous pastries. The Pasteis de Belem bakeshop sells over 20,000 tarts a day. Afterwards, try a bica coffee. Another interesting stop is the Coach Museum, which is a modern building with a stunning collection of painted carriages.


While on a tour of Belem, you may want to consider dining at one of the local restaurants. There are many great options, and the city has some unique places to try. For example, a Portuguese restaurant in the Belem Marina offers delicious seafood for an affordable price. The menu includes fresh fish and steaks of the day and you can choose from a long list of quality Portuguese wines.

Many Belem restaurants are packed during lunchtime, so it is best to avoid eating too early or too late. Another great place to eat is in the Doca de Belem, which is just east of the MAAT museum, on the roof. These restaurants are popular and have excellent views of the city.