Graham Wine Tasting in Porto

graham wine tasting porto

The tasting room at Graham’s Lodge is an elegant setting with big windows and high ceilings. You can enjoy the beautiful view of Porto while you sample a variety of Ports. The tasting experience is led by an expert guide who will talk you through each variety, from Vintage to Tawny.

Graham’s 1890 Lodge

The working port cellar is open to the public by appointment only. Visitors to the Circa-1890 lodge may sample several varieties of port wine. A wine tasting session is a fun and educational experience. The staff will help you discover the perfect blend of port. The tastings are conducted in a comfortable setting.

The Graham’s Cellars are decorated with wood and ample natural light. Tickets are priced according to the number of tasting options. They range from five euros for three simple Ports to 50 EUR for a more extensive tasting experience. There’s another tasting room, called the Vintage Room, which has typical British decorations and sofas from the family estate.

Graham’s Super Premium Tawny

The Graham’s Super Premium Tawny Port offers oak-aged tawnies for a delicious tasting. This port offers a wide range of flavors, from toffee and fig to honey and cinnamon. Tastings are a great way to discover the true flavor of port, and you can learn more about the process by viewing the video presentation that is included in the tour.

The tastings are held from Thursday to Sunday at Graham’s vineyard in Vila Nova de Gaia. You can sample 3 different styles of port wine, including Graham’s Super Premium Tawny Port. You can visit the vineyard for a special appointment or if you’re visiting during the warmer months, you can enjoy the Porto weather on the terrace. The tastings are also available in several languages, and you can try up to 5 port wines on a tour.

Graham’s Vintage 2003

If you’re looking for a unique and enjoyable Port to taste, then Graham’s Vintage 2003 is the wine for you. Its rich, opulent colour with a deep purple rim shows a luscious ripeness. Its bouquet features attractive floral notes and hints of black cherry. This full-bodied wine has a rich, complex flavour, with firm tannins and a long, smooth finish.

The Graham’s Vintage Ports are known for their long life and excellent quality. Back in 1990, James Suckling published notes about the ageing process of Port. His notes noted that this wine would continue to improve with age.

Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve

When looking to taste a good Port wine, it is worth tasting the Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve. It is a big, bold wine that has a complex flavor. Its aroma is seductive and rich, and it has a full and lingering finish. This Port is one of Graham’s original blends, and it is made from the same vineyards as their Vintage Ports. It is best served at about 12-16o C.

The Graham’s Six Grapes Reserve Port is a blend of five mountain vineyards. It is a full-bodied port with aromas of cassis and licorice. Graham’s uses the symbol of six grapes to mark its barrels. Its full-bodied and complex flavor is perfect for pairing with dark chocolate.

Graham’s 30 Years Old Tawny

For those who have an appreciation for Port wine, the Graham’s 30 Years Old Tawnsy is a must-try. The wine’s full, honeyed flavor is balanced by a mellow and nutty undertone. It is perfect for pairing with dried fruits, nuts, and sweets. It will keep for four to six weeks and is sure to please any Port wine lover.

Tawny Ports are aged in barrels and are usually a rich, red color. They are slightly more refined than Ruby Port. Tawnies are aged in oak barrels until they lose more than half of their volume. This makes them ideal for desserts with nutty flavors, like caramel covered cheesecake. Tawnies also work well with savory dishes as well.