Port Wine Cellars in Porto

port wine cellars porto

The port wine cellars in Porto are a must-see tourist attraction. A tour is available in the language of your choice, and it is possible to buy combo tickets for the Sandeman, Offley, and Ferreira wine lodges. You can also tour the Casks used to age the port.

Port wine houses

The Port wine cellars in Porto are some of the oldest in the world. The oldest cellar is in the Vila Nova de Gaia district, across the river from the city center. It has been producing high-quality port wines for more than 250 years. Some of its port wines are world-famous. It produces a variety of different types of port, including rare vintages and aged varieties.

To make port wine, the grapes are harvested in the spring, transported to the cellars, and then aged in barrels, casks, and bottles. The wine is then blended by oenologists and then bottled. The classification process is complex and best understood when you visit the cellars. The wines are categorized by vintage, such as ruby or rosé, which refers to a young port wine that should not be stored for too long.

Tasting rooms

Port wine cellars are a great way to sample some of the best wines in Porto. One of the best examples of port wine cellars is the Caves Ferreira, which dates back to 1751. This winery used to be one of the world’s largest exporters of port wine, and is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. It also offers several different wine tasting options, including the traditional wine tasting, which features four different wines and costs EUR15 per person. Visitors can learn a lot about port wine and the production process here, as they can sample wines from different vintages.

Those interested in the history and production of port wine should visit the Instituto dos Vinhos do Douro e Porto, which specializes in the industry. The Port wine institute is not a traditional Port wine cellar, but does feature several different brands. It also has a small museum and an exhibition detailing the process of port wine making. It also provides tastings of port wine, and offers helpful advice on which varieties to try.

Casks used to age port

Many of today’s whiskey producers use casks used to age port wine. This process adds smoothness and fruity notes to the spirit. The size of the casks depends on the style of port wine. A typical port pipe can hold approximately 600 litres of wine. Other types of casks used to age port wine are the Port Pipe, Sherry Butt, and American oak barrels.

The ageing process of port wine differs from one vintage to another. There are two main types of barrels used for aging port wine: reductive and oxidative. Reductive ageing involves no oxygen exposure and produces a smoother wine than oxidative ageing. Oxidative ageing, on the other hand, requires a little oxygen exposure and produces a slightly more viscous port. While the process of barrel ageing differs, there are some common characteristics that all port wines have in common.

Tours available

There are many different tours available at Porto Winery. You can choose to do a 90-minute port tasting for 42 euros or a 2-hour cellar tour for 17 euros. Some tours even include food. You can also choose to take a masterclass led by one of the wine professionals. They can help you learn more about vintage and tawny port.

You can also try port wine on a cruise down the Douro River. One of the most popular tours is the 6 Bridges Cruise. You can choose from tastings of different ports, which will include the more expensive varieties. You can also order some Porto cocktails while you’re there.


When you’re planning to visit Porto, it’s a great idea to take a tour of some of the city’s port wine cellars. You can learn about the history of the region’s wine, as well as sample some of its famous wines. The tour is well-worth it. However, it’s important to remember that port wine is not cheap and you can’t expect to enjoy a tour for free.

There are several Porto port tasting venues, including the Kopke Wine House, which is one of the best. Its extensive tasting menu features many types of ports, from basic to rare and expensive. The winery also features a chocolate bar and a relaxing atmosphere. Many of the port wine cellars also offer tours of their wine cellars, which can be booked in advance.