Porto Sightseeing Bus Tours

porto sightseeing bus

Porto sightseeing buses are a great way to see the city in a fast and convenient way. You can board and hop off at any stop. You can take a quick tour of the neighborhoods as well. They’re fun for the whole family. And since the buses stop at different points throughout the city, you can always get off and explore the surrounding areas.

Porto’s UNESCO World Heritage Site

Located on the picturesque estuary of the Douro River, Porto is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has one of the most remarkable historic centres in Europe. In 2013, Lonely Planet named Porto as one of its first European destinations. It is full of history, tradition, and culture. The UNESCO tour offers a chance to see this amazing city from an expert perspective.

The Gothic cloisters are one of the highlights of the site. The cloisters were further enriched by Manueline additions. Another highlight is the 15th-century chapterhouse, Sala do Capitulo.

Its castles

If you’re looking for an easy way to get around the city, consider taking a Porto sightseeing bus. The buses leave from the Ribeira district, and they stop at a variety of iconic sites and buildings. These buses also have audio guides in 16 languages. You can purchase tickets for a 24 hour or 48-hour tour.

While you’re in Porto, don’t forget to stop by the Moorish Castle. This fort was built in the eighth century and is a historic monument in Portugal. The grounds are well maintained, and you can even walk the castle walls. The castle’s location is incredible, and it offers some amazing views.

Its markets

If you have never been to Porto before, you should get on a sightseeing bus to see its markets and other attractions. You can see the famous Church of Saint Ildefonso, which was built in the 18th century, and the colorful Mercado do Bolhao. The markets are lively and are a great way to see locals and tourists alike.

While it is possible to get around the city on foot, a sightseeing bus will take you to the major sites in less than 24 hours. These tours are great for getting your bearings and are fun for kids, too.

Its churches

The Porto sightseeing bus makes stops at several of the city’s churches. The city’s Church of Mercy dates back to the 1500s, but it has undergone several renovations throughout the centuries. The building’s facade, reminiscent of the Baroque style, was added in the 1700s.

The Clerigos Tower is one of Porto’s most impressive sights. The 86-metre-high tower was built by an Italian architect, Niccolo Nasoni, and is free to visit. Visitors can also take a free tour of the tower.

Its wineries

If you’re a wine lover, you’ll want to hop on a Porto sightseeing bus to visit its wineries. There are two routes, both of which include a free visit to a Porto wine cellar. These tours are a great way to get a taste of the city’s wine production, and you can also learn about the region’s winemaking history.

There are many benefits to taking a Porto sightseeing bus tour. The open-top bus allows you to get a birds-eye view of the city’s many attractions. Another great benefit is a stop at Calem Port Wine Cellars. Located in the Douro demarcated region, Calem wine cellars are a perfect place to experience the region’s wine-making heritage without the heat or light. Visitors can taste up to two port wines during their tour.