Cascais Tours & Activities

Tyes of tours in Cascais

If you are looking for an intimate encounter with the Cascais city, you can opt for an on-your-own tour. Unlike a guided tour, an on-your-own tour will allow you to explore Cascais independently. It is also a great way to get to know the city better.

Sintra-Cascais Natural Park

The Sintra-Cascais Natural Park is located on the Portuguese Riviera. It is one of the 13 Natural Parks in Portugal, and was established in 1994 by the Portuguese Government. The park was already protected in 1981, and is 145 square kilometers. The park features beaches, mountains, and woodland.

There are several tours available to explore Sintra-Cascais Natural Park. You can choose to visit a castle, palace, vista point, or try a delicious traditional Portuguese meal. The park is also famous for its spectacular beaches.

Cascais citadel

There are many tours available in Cascais that take you on a fascinating journey through history. These tours will take you to the Cascais citadel, where you can see the fortifications that were built between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries. These fortifications were built to protect the River Tagus estuary and the coastline of Cascais. They also served to protect the city of Lisbon from attack.

The Cascais citadel is one of the most famous landmarks in Cascais. Built between the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries, it was once part of the extensive fortifications that guarded the city of Lisbon. Today, the fort is the site of a hotel, a museum, and an arts centre. In addition, the Cidadela Arts District is set to host a Congress this year.

Praia da Rainha beach

Praia da Rainha is a small secluded cove enclosed by cliffs, and the town above it provides ample shelter from the sun. Despite being small, it is one of Cascais’ prettiest beaches. Behind the beach, you’ll find grand villas and apartment buildings. There’s also an outdoor plaza called Largo da Praia da Rainha, which is filled with cafes and restaurants.

After exploring Cascais, you’ll be ready to spend the rest of the day relaxing on the beach. Rent a sun lounger and enjoy the sun, listening to children playing or the chirping of seagulls. Or, visit a cafe on the beach’s promenade to enjoy fresh seafood.

Santuario da Peninha

If you’re interested in seeing some of the best views in Cascais, make sure to take a Santuario da Peninha tour. This beautiful natural sanctuary sits on a rocky ledge in the Sintra Mountains, and offers spectacular views of both the coastline and the inland areas.

One of the most iconic buildings in Cascais is the Santa Marta Lighthouse, which was built in 1868. Today, it’s a museum and a working lighthouse, and you can climb the stairs to the top. Here, you’ll learn about the history of Portuguese lighthouses and about the work of a lighthouse keeper. Another important landmark in Cascais is the Cabo da Roca, which is the westernmost point of Portugal and continental Europe.

Cabo da Roca

Cabo da Roca is located on the westernmost point of Europe and is within easy reach from Cascais, Lisbon, and Sintra. There is no entrance fee or parking charge, but you should plan to spend at least 15 minutes there. Many coach tours will stop here, but you can opt for a longer tour if you’re a keen hiker. It’s important to remember that the wind can be quite fierce in Cabo da Roca, so wear warm clothes and be prepared for windy conditions.

The monument is situated on the left side of the headland, and contains a poem written by Camoes. This verse translates to “Where land ends, the sea begins.” The monument also has coordinates and a label for being the westernmost point of Europe.

Estoril Congress Center

If you want to learn more about the area around Cascais, you should consider taking a tour of the Estoril Congress Center. This venue is home to one of the oldest handicraft fairs in Portugal. The fair has been running for over 50 years. It features more than three hundred local artisans and Portuguese music and cuisine.

You can choose between a walking tour through the city or a tour of the nearby beaches. One tour includes a stop in the popular Estoril Beach and a trip along the scenic Cascais Coast. The tour ends with a seafood lunch at a recommended restaurant. Roundtrip transportation from Lisbon is included in the price.

Boca do Inferno

One of the most interesting tourist attractions in the District of Lisbon is Boca do Inferno, a deep chasm situated on the cliffs near Cascais. The chasm is a great place to watch the sea water splashing against the rocky walls. It’s a great place to go on a tour if you are in the area and looking for an adventurous activity.

While it’s a popular spot for tourists, there are a few things to keep in mind when planning a visit. First of all, you should be prepared for the water’s potential to be dangerous. If you don’t want to get washed out while snorkelling, you may want to consider avoiding visiting Boca do Inferno during bad weather conditions. During these conditions, waves can come up close to the cliffs, making the beach a potentially dangerous place.