5 Fun Ways to Take a Tuk-Tuk Tour of Porto

tuk tuk tour porto

e-tuk-tuk tour of Porto

Tuk tuk tours Porto are an excellent way to explore the city in style. This type of transport is easy to maneuver, and drivers are knowledgeable of the area. There are several companies offering tours of Porto and surrounding areas, including Tuktour, which specializes in Porto tours. You can also take a guided tour of the city with a Tuktour guide.

Environmentally friendly way to tour a city on wheels

If you’re looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to tour a city on wheels, consider renting a Segway. These electric vehicles glide at up to 12 mph and are completely silent. They’re also easy to operate, with a little training. The rider’s position is automatically adjusted to the desired speed, and the movement is effortless. A Segway is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to tour a city on wheels, especially in places where cars aren’t allowed.

Six Bridges Cruise on the Douro River

This tour allows visitors to explore the beautiful Porto waterfront from a different perspective. You can take a traditional rabelo boat, which sails for 50 minutes, and stop at six bridges that connect the two banks of the Douro River. Older bridges, including the Infante and D. Luis bridges, can be seen on the tour.

Igreja dos Carmelitas

Located on the outskirts of Porto, the Igreja dos Carmelita is a great place to go for a quick day trip. The church is made up of two separate churches, each with its own unique architecture. Construction began in 1616 and was completed in 1628. The interior was decorated in the 1650s. In 2013, the Igreja dos Carmelitas was declared a National Monument. This cathedral is joined to another church, the Igreja do Carmo, built later in 1752. The two churches were originally part of a convent, but today they are occupied by the Guarda Nacional Republicana.