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Tyes of tours in Paco de Arcos

Located on the train line from Lisbon to Cascais, Paco de Arcos is a beautiful town to explore. Its Hotel Vila de Gaia overlooks the sea, and you can explore the hidden garden called Parque Palacio dos Arcos. Its fountain and flower sculptures make it a charming destination with a spectacular view of the ocean.

Highlights of a trip to Paco de Arcos

Paco de Arcos is a picturesque town in the Oeiras region of Portugal, and has a population of over twenty-five thousand people. It is located about nine miles (14 km) west of Lisbon. It has a lovely beach, and its surrounding countryside provides a relaxing atmosphere. It is a great base for exploring the rest of Portugal.

If you arrive by plane, you may want to stay at a hotel near the airport. This will avoid the risk of missing your flight. However, it will require more travel time, and you’ll have to drive longer distances. Fortunately, some hotels provide transfers from the airport.

Weather in Paco de Arcos

Paco de Arcos’s climate is fairly temperate. It can get very hot during the summer months, but temperatures don’t dip below 50degF during the cool season. The average water temperature varies greatly by season, but it is typically warm from June 30 through October 23. During this warm season, the average high temperature is 77degF and the lowest average low is 50degF.

Rainfall in Paco de Arcos varies from month to month. There is an average of 0.1 inches of rainfall in a 31-day period. Rainfall in Paco de Arcos can be either rain or snow or a combination of the two. The wettest month is November, with 8.6 days of rain. On October 31, there is a 30% chance of rain.

Places to visit

The town of Paco de Arcos is in the region of Oeiras in Portugal. The town has a population of 15,315 people, according to the 2011 census. Its population is spread across 3.39 km2. The town was elevated to town status by decree on December 7, 1926.

The city has a low elevation and is surrounded by countryside. It is a quiet area with cheap accommodations. It’s an ideal basecamp for exploring other areas of Portugal.


In Paco de Arcos, Portugal, you can stay in an elegant hotel for a very reasonable price. Although this city is not a big tourist destination, there are many hotels to choose from. They are not expensive either, with many options available for as little as 91 USD per night. The average nightly rate is 166 USD, so you can get a great deal on your hotel room.

There are many different types of hotels in Paco de Arcos, ranging from boutique hotels to luxurious 5-star properties. You can choose the one that suits your budget best and is close to the city’s main attractions. Generally, five-star hotels are located in the city’s center and provide a wealth of services and facilities to their guests.


If you’re looking for great places to eat in Paco de Arcos, then look no further. There are a number of great places to eat in this small town near Lisboa. Some of the top options are listed below. These restaurants all offer full menus and price lists. Some even offer free WiFi, and online reservations.

Located in the municipality of Oreias, Paco de Arcos is a charming coastal town with several great beaches, including the famous Carcavelos Praia. It also offers a variety of traditional Portuguese and international restaurants. If you’re interested in exploring the area, Paco de Arcos is also a great base for exploring the surrounding areas. It’s also within easy reach of Lisbon, where you can take in the sights and sounds of the city.

Daylight saving time

Daylight saving time (DST) is observed in Paco de Arcos from March 27 to October 30. However, this change isn’t always observed on the same dates each year. The exact dates of the DST adjustment for Paco de Arcos have not yet been determined. The time zone history of Lisbon, Portugal, shows the city’s time zone dates to be earlier than Paco de Arcos’s.

The best time to visit Paco de Arcos is during the summer, when temperatures are warm and clear and the air is relatively dry. The colder months are less pleasant, when the temperatures drop to 45degF or below. However, these days are ideal for visiting the beach and the swimming pool. Those who enjoy water activities should visit Paco de Arcos during this time.