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Tyes of tours in Baleal

There are many ways to enjoy Balieal, from surfing to relaxing at the spa. Read on to find out about the various options available to you. Balieal is a popular surfing destination that is popular with both surfers and families. The town offers an abundance of activities for both families and surfers.

Balieal is a popular surfing spot

Balieal is a small peninsula that’s connected to the mainland by a sandbar. It’s a great place for surfers, with two distinct beaches. The popular Supertubes break is the best, and is regarded as the “crown jewel” of the region. Other famous spots in the area include The Point, Albatross, and Rincon.

It is popular with families

Located on a small peninsula, Baleal is a charming coastal village that’s popular with families and surfers alike. The rocky beach is protected by lifeguards and offers plenty of amenities for guests to enjoy. There are also restaurants and water sports to enjoy, and there’s plenty to do for children of all ages.

Baleal is home to a beautiful beach, a former whaling station, and a tiny coastal village next to Peniche. Baleal’s two main beaches, Praia do Baleal Norte and Praia do Baleal Sul, offer different kinds of surfing. Both beaches are wave-filled, and the surfers who frequent them can find plenty of challenges to challenge their skills.

There are many activities and attractions in the town, and tours in Baleal are a popular option for families. The town is close to restaurants, and you can visit various cultural venues. The Ride Resort offers free Wi-Fi and a restaurant with a TV. There are also surf lessons and kayaksurfing. The resort also offers discounts for catamaran tours.

It is popular with surfers

While not technically part of Peniche, tours in Baleal are highly recommended. The headland is cut off from the mainland by a causeway and surrounded by a cluster of accommodations and houses. The geology of the peninsula is strikingly different than that of Peniche, with pancake-like rocks rising up out of the ocean. The waves are ideal for beginners and more advanced surfers alike.

The village is home to several surf breaks. The Gigi’s break, located on the north bay, is popular with beginners and is best in a southeasterly wind. The Prainha break is another popular option and is also a beginner-friendly spot. It is protected by Baleal Island, but is busy on incoming tides.

It is popular with spas

Baleal is an area that’s dotted with spas and surf shops. RIDE Surf Resort & Spa offers a heated outdoor pool, fitness center, and bar. It’s just a short walk from Baleal Camping Beach and Baleal Sul Beach. This beachfront property also offers free WiFi and a shared lounge. RIDE Surf Resort & Spa also offers babysitting/childcare services.

It is popular with backpackers

Tours in Baleal are popular with travelers due to the affordable price and wide variety of activities. The town is located about 20 km from the Obidos Train Station and 34 km from the Santa Cruz Airport. Nearby attractions include the Natural Therapy Center, Naturexperience, and Drop Surf Center. Free parking is also available.

There are various activities in the area, such as surfing, hiking, or relaxing in the sun. You can also visit the Sintra National Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can see beautiful buildings and visit the Palacio da Pena, a historic palace. You can also enjoy surfing at Peniche, which is just an hour’s drive from the town. You can also enjoy a day at the beach in Baleal. The surf breaks here are popular with surfers.