Take a Boat Trip in Porto, Portugal

boat trip porto

There are several options when it comes to taking a boat trip in Porto. This article covers some of the highlights of this activity, as well as cost and time of year to go. It also provides information about the wineries that you should visit. If you plan to spend time on the water, make sure to bring your swimsuit and sunglasses.


Highlights of a boat trip in Porto, Portugal should include the Cathedral, which has breathtaking Baroque architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage site was originally a Gothic church, but has undergone a transformation into a fusion of styles. You’ll also want to see the Stock Exchange Palace, a 19th-century masterpiece of Arab and European design that includes a Moorish hall. You can also sample the town’s famous port wine.

Another popular activity is the 6 Bridges Cruise, which takes 50 minutes. Starting at the quays of Vila Nova de Gaia and Ribeira, this boat trip will take you past six bridges and past the iconic Dom Luis I bridge. Be sure to reserve your spot in advance as this activity is extremely popular.


A boat trip is a great way to see the city. While you can walk around and take in the sights, boat tours are a more leisurely way to see the city. These trips are intended to take you through the main sights without the stress of having to hurry and get in and out of the boat.

Many visitors enjoy a boat trip to Porto Santo, a charming island that was discovered by Portuguese caravels in 1418. It was known as a safe harbor for navigators, and today is an extremely popular tourist destination. The island is renowned for its warm, turquoise waters, golden sand beaches, and calm seas.

Time to go

One of the best ways to see the city is from the water. Cruises along the Douro River can give you an incredible view of the city. The boats sail under six bridges and past beautiful towns like Gaia. You can even take the cruise on your second day.

There are many different boat tours in Porto, and you can choose one for as short as 50 minutes or as long as three days. Boat tours typically last two to nine hours and can leave from Ribeira Quay, Estiva Quay, or Pinhao.

Wineries to visit

One of the best ways to learn about Port Wine is to take a tour of its cellars. This tour will teach you about the process of developing Port Wine and will include tastings. You can also take part in a six bridges cruise, which takes you through the Douro River. In the past, this was a traditional way of transporting wine from the region to Porto. Today, however, the wines from the region are transported to Porto by road.

While on a boat trip to Porto, you’ll also have the chance to visit several wineries, including those in the Douro Valley. This tour includes lunch in a traditional Portuguese restaurant and visits to two different wine estates. In addition, it also features a sightseeing boat cruise of the river. There are only eight people per tour, so you’ll get a lot of personalized attention from your guide.