Rabelo Boat Tour in Porto

rabelo boat tour porto

If you’re traveling to Porto, Portugal, you’ll want to take a Rabelo boat tour. These flat-bottomed boats have a unique history as vessels used to transport barrels of port wine during the 18th century. Not only do they offer an unique mode of transportation, but they also include a traditional tavern experience and local snacks.

rabelo boat tour

One of the best ways to experience Porto’s riverside is on a rabelo boat tour. These boats have a traditional design and are designed for both open and enclosed areas. During your tour, you’ll have the chance to see how a rabelo is used to transport goods, people, and objects.

Historically, Rabelo boats were used to transport Port wine barrels from vineyards to wine cellars in the city. Today, these boats are used for other purposes, such as tourism tours, group tours, and special events. Rabelo boats are a unique way to experience the Port Wine region, and many cruises include a traditional tavern experience and local snacks.


The history of the Rabelo boat tour in Porto is closely connected with that of the region’s famous fortified wine. These boats were used for many purposes, from transporting goods to carrying people. The boats’ history dates back to the 10th century, when no roads or trains were available. In those days, the rabelo boats were flat-bottomed, had long oars placed over the stern, and were pulled upstream by men or oxen. They could take up to 30 days to reach the wine estates.

During this time, the Rabelo boats were the only means of transporting wine casks. They were usually manned by a crew of six or seven men and boasted a square sail. In the first generation, the boats had a single mast, but in the second generation, the mast was attached to the bow. Governance was based on the long oar at the stern. Today, the Rabelo boats are still used as part of tourism and group tours in Porto.

Activity level

The Douro rabelo boat tour is a scenic journey that takes place over the Douro River. The tour is about an hour long and passes between vineyards on beautiful terraces. It is not recommended for those with limited physical ability. You may want to wear sturdy and comfortable shoes if you are unsure of your level of physical fitness.

The Rabelo boat is one of the most iconic symbols of Porto. It was originally used to carry barrels of port wine in the 18th century. Nowadays, it is a unique mode of transportation. While on a Rabelo boat tour, you can also sample local snacks and enjoy the experience of a traditional tavern.


If you are looking to take a river cruise in Porto, you’ll probably be wondering how much it will cost you. There are several different options for a rabelo boat tour, and the cost will vary depending on how many people you want to bring. Some of the options are public, while others are more exclusive.

A rabelo boat tour offers a unique perspective of Porto. Once used to transport barrels of port wine, these boats have been transformed into a unique mode of transportation. These boats depart from Ribeira in the city center and sail down the Douro River, passing under all six bridges and ending at the mouth of the river. These tours are often referred to as six bridge cruises, and they provide panoramic views of the city.