Get the Most Out of Your Lagos Tours

Lagos Tours

Getting a Lagos Tour is a great way to experience this city’s diversity. From the hustle and bustle of the city to the tranquility of the floating villages, Lagos has something for everyone. For instance, a visit to the Fela Kuta floating village will leave you inspired. This community subsists on will power and ocean currents. To get the most out of your tour, you should be prepared and have a local tour guide with you. This, however, can be a challenge.

Fela Kuta

If you have ever been to Nigeria, you have probably heard of the legendary musician Fela Kuta. Fela was a musician who challenged authority and demanded that popular aspirations be reflected in official objectives. Whether you are a fan of his music or not, you will be able to see and hear some of his performances during Fela Kuta tours in Lagos.

In 1978, Fela’s home was raided by the military. He believed it was ordered by then-Head of State General Olusegun Obasanjo, a fellow inhabitant of Ogun State. Fela and his hangers-on fled to Ikeja, where he installed a shrine. Later, he spoke out against the use of drugs, such as crack and heroin. Many of his entourage were also drug addicts.

Fela Kuta’s life in Lagos

Fela Kuta’s life was marked by many trials and tribulations. The country was plagued by a serious unemployment crisis, and electricity could go out for weeks at a time. The poor living conditions prompted many Nigerians to seek refuge in other countries. In fact, Nigerians made up 10% of migrants that crossed the Mediterranean in 2016.

During this period, Fela performed at least three times a week in Lagos. His Friday shows were dubbed “Yabis Night,” and he would start his show by mocking himself, his band, and audience members. He would then break into free-flowing Afrobeat. As a result, the word “Yabis” came to mean light-hearted sarcasm.

Day trips from Lagos

A number of day trips from Lagos offer visitors the chance to immerse themselves in nature. Perhaps the most popular of these excursions is to a nearby village known as Epe Mangroves, which is home to a smaller Yoruba community. This picturesque town is also home to an intriguing fish market, making it a particularly worthwhile day trip from Lagos.

You can spend your day exploring this stunning city on foot, and one of the best options is to book an organized walking tour. Or, if you prefer, you can also go on a self-guided walk through the old town. The city was an important place in the Algarve throughout its history, and its current walls date back to the 16th century.


A trip to Lagos, Nigeria, is not complete without sampling suya. This spicy skewered meat made from beef, chicken, or ram is a must-try for any carnivore. Suya is available at vendors all around the city. One place that Ademola swears by is Glover Court, the most prestigious suya spot in the island section of Lagos. It has consistently provided high-quality suya for years.

While in Lagos, don’t miss a stop at the Nike Art Centres. Here, you can walk on planks over mangroves and learn about native flora and fauna. You’ll also have a chance to see monkeys, birds, and fish, and experience one of the longest canopy walkways in Africa. A visit to this gallery is also a chance to catch a live music performance.

Jazzhole Bookstore

The Jazzhole Bookstore, Lagos Tours, offers a diverse selection of used and new books. The eclectic collection includes books from Nigeria and Africa as well as high-brow magazines. The store also stocks a wide range of music, including many of the great artists of the country. For an uplifting and educational experience, you can enjoy the unique atmosphere at the Jazzhole Bookstore.

Jazzhole Bookstore is located on a busy commercial street in Ikoyi. It’s home to a fascinating collection of books and a quaint cafe that serves Nigerian food. You can also take in some live music performances while you browse through the books. However, remember to be discrete when taking photos inside the store.


If you are interested in learning more about Lagos’ culture, consider a Makoko Tour. This floating slum is home to around 200,000 people. It is one of the city’s most interesting attractions. You can tour this unique floating city by canoe or boat, and learn about the local customs and history. Throughout the tour, you will also visit the Makoko community’s floating market. You will also have the opportunity to sample fresh fish and learn more about the local culture.

To visit the village, you must hire a tour guide. Luckily, Makoko Tours offers guided tours of this beautiful city. They can arrange tours for visitors to explore the many open markets, including the Lekki Crafts Market, which attracts tourists, as well as the local Balogun Market.

Terra Kulture

Located in Lagos, Nigeria, Terra Kulture is a cultural and educational center. Its mission is to promote Nigerian art and culture, and it has been responsible for the revival of Nigerian stage plays. The multipurpose arts center is a popular tourist destination and hosts a number of cultural events. Visitors can explore its many facilities, including the Nigerian language and craft school, reading and documentation center, food court, Terra Kulture Art Gallery, and Terra Kulture Theatre.

A day trip to Lagos is incomplete without a visit to the Lekki Conservation Centre. This huge green space stands in stark contrast to the concrete of the rest of the city, and offers many opportunities for visitors to connect with nature. It is a calming, peaceful oasis in the middle of one of the world’s busiest cities.